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Lucent GK: Overview and review of the book Lucent’s GK (General Knowledge) and Lucent GK PDF

Lucent’s GK 2018- 2019 is one of the most popular books and is very commonly referred by the people who are preparing for competitive exams. Every year, the book gets a new look and some details which are needed to be updated. In this article we will discuss about the overview of the book Lucent GK like the chapters or topics included in it, Lucent GK pdf and the review the book.

lucent general knowledge pdf

Lucent General Knowledge PDF Download — About the book:

Lucent GK is published by Lucent’s publications. As the book is about providing the general knowledge, the book got popular with the name Lucent GK. The main author of the book Lucent GK is Binay Karna. The book includes all the information about all the important sectors which will appear in any competitive exam. That is the reason why all the competitive exam aspirants refer the book Lucent GK for their preparation about the General Knowledge.


The latest publication of the book has 648 pages in it which covers all the topics related to the general knowledge. The book consists of 10 chapters which are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Indian History
  • Chapter 2: World History
  • Chapter 3: Geography
  • Chapter 4: Indian Polity and Constitution
  • Chapter 5: Indian Economy
  • Chapter 6: Physics
  • Chapter 7: Chemistry
  • Chapter 8: Biology
  • Chapter 9: Miscellany
  • Chapter 10: Computer

After all the topics, there is an appendix which has all the important data related to the Indian population and their categories based on their duties, living standards etc.

The Indian History provides you all the important information about the ancient, medieval and modern India details and other miscellaneous details about names, sayings and battles. The World History provides the similar information about all the countries collectively as a world. The third chapter geography explains all the facts right from the solar system to the places in India and world. Indian Polity and Constitution consists of the details about the evolution of Indian constitution right from the beginning. The Indian economy provides all the details about the changes in the Indian economy right from the independence. The chapter physics provides the information about the important topics and covers the units, energies and instruments. The chemistry chapter gives the information about the basic fundamental knowledge about all the theories in it. The biology topic covers the basics about organisms, cytology, genetics, organic evolution about botany and zoology. The miscellany chapter covers the information about the first persons, superlatives of India and World in every field. The chapter computer provides the information about the fundamentals of a computer in detail.


Lucent GK PDF — Review of the book:

All the chapters included in the book Lucent’s GK are way enough to prepare for a competitive exam to excel in the section of general knowledge. All the topics included in the book provide a good amount of information in a very user friendly manner. The book Lucent’s GK can be referred by the competitive exam aspirants who are willing to appear for the exams like UPSC Civil Services, Combined Defence Services (CDS), National Defence Academy (NDA), State Public Service Commission exams, Staff Selection Committee (SSC), Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA), Bank Probationary Officers (PO) / TO,  LIC / GIC / OIC (AAO), RBI Grade A and B Officers, CAT, MAT, CLAT, MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA and other similar entrance examinations.

Lucent’s General Knowledge — About the author:

The book Lucent’s GK is written by Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul. Both of the authors have been in to the field of providing their knowledge to other for their life. Binay Karna is also the author of many other books related to English language and other competitive exams preparation related books.

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